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Posted on: July 28, 2010 4:02 pm

You want my take on Rick Pitino? Fine. Here:

Hi. My name is Gregg Doyel, and I'm addicted to McGriddles.

And thank God for that, because it could have been so much worse. My weak spot didn't have to be syrup-infused sandwich bread. It could have been sex. Sounds fun, right? Downfall by sex? Well, let's ask Tiger Woods how much fun he's having. Let's ask Rick Pitino how much fun he's having. Hell, let's ask Karen Sypher, Pitino's unfortunate table-top fling, how much fun she 's having.

Sex addiction is no fun. It's a brutal way of life, and Sypher has it to a really bad degree. She must. Already in her extortion trial she has been linked to some form of intercourse with three different men, all for some kind of benefit. In her world, sex leads to goods, services or money, which means that she's a prostitute minus the pimp. And I don't say that with malice. I say that with sympathy, and pity, because she's sick.

And if Pitino got involved with her, on a table at a restaurant, he's sick too. Or he was for one night. And if this is where I'm supposed to laugh at Pitino, sorry. I'll pass.

I love me some John Calipari, which means I'm all about his team, the Kentucky Wildcats. But that doesn't mean I can sit here with a straight face and be gleeful about the tragedy unfolding in a federal courtroom in Louisville. This is tragic, with Sypher clearly a lost soul and Pitino paying a heavy price for his own actions.

Having fun, right here, at their expense would be despicable. I can't do it. And you shouldn't want me to do it, not if you're addicted to cigarettes or beer or food or gambling or anything else that's legal and yet destructive. Not unless you're a hypocrite. And you're not, right?

Sex addiction is no joke. It's real, and it's awful, and it's the root of what's going on in that courtroom in Louisville.

You want me to mock Pitino? Look somewhere else. I'm a professional sports writer, not a mean-spirited thug.

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Posted on: February 11, 2010 2:24 pm

Pitino's going to the NBA! Wait. What?

Rick Pitino to the NBA? That rumor is too easy. Writing it, reading it, believing it ... too easy. It's like tackling one of those beginning crossword puzzles. Finish the following phrase: Piece of ---- .

Cake. The phrase you're looking for is "piece of cake."

That's the Pitino-to-the-Nets rumor. It's a piece of cake. It's shooting fish in a ------ (barrel). It's a cliche, is my point. It's the easiest cliche in sports writing, and I'm not pointing a finger at the guy in New York who started it this time. I've been there myself, at least once and maybe twice. I'm pretty sure I once wrote that Pitino was likely to go to the Mavericks to replace Avery Johnson, and I almost wrote -- and maybe I did; I don't have the heart to search through Google -- that Pitino was going to the Heat to replace Pat Riley.

Sources say this stuff, that Pitino is going back to the NBA after all these years at Louisville, and they believe it -- but it's never been true yet. It's like that rumor of Urban Meyer going to Notre Dame, which Steve Spurrier spread last year and a newspaper idiot in Alabama wrote like it was the gospel. It's easy. Maybe too easy.

It'll happen again, this rumor. Pitino to (your NBA franchise here). Don't believe it. Not until you see him behind a podium at an NBA arena, meeting the media.

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 5:49 pm
Edited on: August 26, 2009 6:30 pm

Damn I'm starting to like Rick Pitino

Not sure what that says about me -- not sure I want to know -- but in the last few days I've started to sympathize with, and empathize for, and now flat out like, Rick Pitino.

His struggles in recent weeks humanized him. Didn't make him likeable, but made him human. And I like human.

But for me the tipping point was today's press conference where he BLASTED the woman who tried to extort him, and then blasted the media, against the advice of his lawyers. They told him not to speak to the media, a sound legal strategy with a court date looming. He said he tried to follow that strategy, "But enough is enough."

I love it.

This is how we want people to react to such drama. We don't want them hiding behind publicists or lawyers, or issuing non-denial denials or "no comments." We want them to come out swinging, and Pitino just launched a series of haymakers at damn near everyone.

Good for him.

Good for you, Rick Pitino. All that stuff I've ever written about you or your program? Forgive me. Dead serious. Forgive me. Now win this court case and then go win 25 games this season. Just to show everyone you can.

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Posted on: March 21, 2009 4:39 pm

Pitino breaking some news on BJ Mullens?

Louisville coach Rick Pitino broke some news Saturday -- or spread a bad rumor -- when he made the following statement about 7-foot Ohio State freshman center B.J. Mullens:

"I heard last night that B.J. Mullens was going to go pro," Pitino said.

Wow. Really? Mullens had a decent freshman season -- 8.8 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 63.4 percent shooting from the floor -- and would figure to have a monster sophomore season. But at 7-0, 275 pounds, he has the size the NBA craves right now. His feet are good, too. If he turns pro, he's definitely a first-round pick. That's just a guess, but I'm right.

Would Pitino really know Mullens' plan? Maybe. Ohio State was in the same building as Pitino's Louisville team on Friday, and they would have played Sunday had the Buckeyes beaten Siena. So maybe Pitino talked to an OSU staff member.

Or maybe he reads one of those OSU message boards. 

Pitino then tried to discourage Mullens from actually leaving school so soon.

"Be the worst move the kid could ever make," Pitino said. "He's going to be a terrific pro, but sitting on the bench during the course of the season, you're trying to get ready. If you're an NBA coach you're not worried about that 10th, 11th or 12th man, developing him. You're worried about winning and surviving as a coach. That young man doesn't improve -- like Donte Green of Syracuse."

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Posted on: April 30, 2008 2:55 pm
Edited on: April 30, 2008 5:29 pm

This just in: Mark Cuban's insane

And I like Mark Cuban, most of the time anyway.

But firing Avery Johnson was a stupid knee-jerk reaction to a problem that wasn't of Johnson's creation. Unless it turns out that Johnson was the primary force behind the season-killing trade of Devin Harris for Jason Kidd, he just took the fall for the Dallas front office, which thought older-and-slower was the best way to win the wicked West. New Orleans' Chris Paul blew a hole in that theory, running circles around decrepit Kidd, and Avery Johnson is the one who pays with a pink slip?

Unacceptable. Avery Johnson didn't go from coaching savant to idiot overnight. But if there's any karma in the NBA, the Mavericks will go from the playoffs to the lottery as quickly as Johnson went from coach of the year to unemployment.

Who's next in Dallas? No clue, but I hear Louisville's Rick Pitino has had his eye on an NBA return for some time. Neither side will confirm this -- in fact Pitino's spokesman flatly denies it -- but I've been told by multiple sources on the periphery that a representative of Pitino spoke with the Miami Heat about their recent opening. Don't be surprised if Pitino speaks with Cuban about this one.

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Posted on: March 14, 2008 7:24 am
Edited on: March 14, 2008 1:21 pm

Morning: Billy Donovan hates his team

After its horrible, season-crushing loss to Alabama in the SEC tournament, Florida coach Billy Donovan threw his team completely under the bus. Money quote: "I'm not excited about these freshmen becoming sophomores."

Louisville coach Rick Pitino went the other way when asked about his team's bad loss in its conference tournament opener. He threw the reporter under the bus.

UConn coach Jim Calhoun, meanwhile, put the loss for his team's atrocious Big East tournament loss right where it belongs: on the players. Because that abomination sure wasn't his fault.

It's a great question: When the Brett Favre movie comes out -- and you know a Brett Favre movie will come out -- who plays the starring role? Twenty years ago it would have been Dennis Kevin Costner.

Marcus Stroud got busted for steroid use -- he blames a supplement (har har) -- and nobody in Buffalo seems to be angry about it. Nobody but this guy.

A "funk" has cost Chris Duhon his place in Chicago, and given the way his career has gone, maybe his place in the NBA. It's not like this guy was very good.

The Nets hired Kiki Vandeweghe to be a telemarketer. Apparently he's not bad at it.

Channing Frye says Sacramento is a rat-infested town full of homeless people. Frye being the softy that he is, he determined one sleeping citizen was homeless by opening his fancy flip phone and letting the illumination shine on the homeless guy. Nice.

It's been awhile since Scott Boras has screwed up, so here's the latest chapter: This pitcher wanted four years and $40 million. He got a whole lot less.

Daniel Cabrera is tired of being asked about his control problems? Yo, Danny boy. Orioles fans are tired of watching it.

This seems to be a first: An MMA belt holder is pulling out of a title bout to enter himself into a substance abuse program.


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