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Posted on: April 24, 2008 12:53 pm

My new favorite player

Justin Boren is the man. He left Michigan, ripped Rich Rodriguez and then had the gonads to transfer to Ohio State?

I love it.

And that's not sarcasm. I sincerely love it. For one thing, I don't love R-Rod. Not after the way he left West Virginia, shredding documents and relationships along the way, and then arrived at Michigan and in one month on the recruiting trail was shadier than Lloyd Carr had been in decades.

So Boren calls R-Rod what he is -- a bad guy -- and then leaves. And then transfers to Michigan's biggest rival. Michigan fans are calling Boren all sorts of emasculatory names, but let's be serious: To leave Michigan as he did, and then to show up at Ohio State, shows titanic testicles.


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Posted on: February 19, 2008 7:26 am
Edited on: February 19, 2008 7:26 am

Morning! Twins manager channels Elton John

Livan, Livan likes his ear rings. "Take them off I say," says Ron Gardenhire.

Someone asked former Bills QB Jim Kelly what he thinks of Bill Belichick. And so Kelly told him. Wow. Blew Belichick up.

Eric Byrnes has to stand in line at the DMV, just like the rest of us slobs. Welcome back to Arizona, kid.

Curt Schilling is whining about the way the Red Sox treated his latest injury, but that's not the most startling part of this story. The worst is, Schilling went through the clubhouse and whispered to certain, Schill-friendly reporters that he had something to say ... in the parking lot. Pssst. Meet me there in five minutes.

As the NBA's All-Star weekend showed, the draft class of 2003 was loaded with stars. And then there's Darko.

New Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez has had the locks changed at the football offices. Good idea. Hey, you never know when an outgoing coach is going to start, I don't know, shreddding documents.

This is how crazy recruiting has become: Legitimate newspapers are reduced to quoting friends of 18-year-olds to predict where the 18-year-old (Terrelle Pryor) will attend college (Ohio State). That's what his friends are saying!

 A coach was arrested over the weekend for refusing to leave the court, and taunting the referee, after being ejected. The angry crowd then mobbed the floor. Punch line: This was a sixth-grade girls basketball game.

Scary photo of Kimbo Slice looming over a falling Tank Abbott.

Wanderlei Silva might drop to middleweight. Imagine him vs. Anderson Silva.


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Posted on: February 15, 2008 7:21 am

Morning! Rich-Rod is a liar!

Let me ask you a serious question. If your wife and kids were physically threatened, would you try to protect them by going to police? Or would you just tell reporters from out-of-state newspapers and hope the threats were bogus? I'm not calling Rich Rodriguez a liar but ... oh. Right. The headline. I guess I already did.

Speaking of reasonable questions, here's another one: Does Mike Mussina's career become Hall-worthy when you consider he did it clean (he says ... and we agree) in a dirty era?

Speaking of the Yankees, here's another one: They changed the name of their spring home from a legend to a buffoon.

As if that crafty Coach K needed any help, he has been getting ideas from his time as the U.S. Olympics coach and using them to help Duke overachieve this season. Was that a nice sentence about Duke? By golly I believe it was.

Darius Miles can't make a basket, but he can still make it rain. I think I despise Darius Miles. And Dennis Dixon, pick a new role model you impressionable little knucklehead.

Holy crap I read this headline and I thought Zach Thomas died.

Turns out Thomas is alive and well, though he's about to make a date with the devil. The devil wears a hoodie.

Indiana is now officially trying to find a reason to fire Kelvin Sampson. I kind of thought Indiana already had that reason, but whatever. Any effort to replace Sampson with Mr. Clean, Dan Dakich, is a step in the right direction.

Pssst. Indiana! Here's your reason.

WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit would like to unify his belt one day with the UFC champion. Part of me says that's like a member of the Durham Bulls wanting to face Johan Santana. But part of me thinks Condit can compete at the highest level.



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Posted on: February 10, 2008 7:24 pm
Edited on: February 11, 2008 12:41 pm

This hasn't gone over well in Michigan


There's a tiny little website in Wisconsin that claims to have some inside information on Terrelle Pryor. And if you're a Michigan fan, it's not good information.

In addition to his two DUI arrests, Chiefs DE Jared Allen has run with bulls, jumped out of a plane and wrestled a boar with a knife. The boar didn't have the knife. Allen did. Boars don't have hands. They have hooves. Or something.

Purdue football coach Joe Tiller called Michigan's Rich Rodriguez a not-so-nice name.

Alabama's top recruit is being compared to Bo Jackson in terms of impact on a college football program. Wow.

By now you've almost surely heard of the Nevada kid who faked his own commitment to the California football team. Sad story. Well, something similar happened to -- not by -- an Ohio State recruit.

In case you were wondering -- yes, eight-man football does still exist. And the powerhouse Oklahoma Sooners actually have offered one of these eight-man superstars a scholarship.

Diego Sanchez doesn't get it. Instead of dropping down to 155 pounds, he's staying at 170 ... and dreaming of a matchup with Georges St. Pierre.

Fedor did one heck of a job calling out Dana White.



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