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Posted on: August 5, 2009 3:05 pm

Prince Fielder wasn't fueled by 'roid rage


I mean, there's no way steroids are to blame for his absolute lack of decorum and composure and sanity? Is there?

Actually Prince Fielder ought to hope that some people blame his meltdown Tuesday night, when he tried to charge Dodgers pitcher Guillermo Mota 15 minutes after being hit by a pitch -- making the charge at Mota inside the Dodgers' clubhouse -- on something as basically simple as 'roid rage.

Because the other options are these:

1. Fielder is a raving lunatic.

2. The whole thing was a front, for show, for street cred.

None of the options is very good, which is why baseball needs to suspend Fielder and make it hurt. It's one thing to charge the pitcher on the mound during the game. That's bad, but it happens -- and more to the point, it is accepted in baseball. Whatever you think of it, and I happen to think it's punk posturing run amok, charging the mound is allowed.

Charging a clubhouse door is not.

Fielder can't get away with this. I don't care if it's been done before, by other players, in the past. It cannot be done now. And it cannot be done ever again in the future.

This is baseball. Not a bar brawl.

Fielder should pay. Ten games, maybe more.

And pee into a cup, son.

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Posted on: March 3, 2008 7:33 am

Morning ... Roethlisberger still a walking cliche

Ben Roethlisberger is about to get paid.

Which is good. This is how that idiot spends his free time.

This is why NFL teams need to avoid character risks on draft day. This guy was a bad dude in college, and now he is being (allegedly) a bad dude in Denver.

The economics of baseball have been in place for decades, but Prince Fielder believes those economics shouldn't apply to him. Shut up and take the money, junior.

The same goes for you, Cole Hamels, especially since you had the nerve to say that you "just want to see some generosity." Other than the 500 G's, you mean?

It's a valid point: Why do MLB teams have to beat up on college kids every spring?

Flip Murray for MVP of the NBA. OK, not really. But at least he's not haboring alleged murderers in his house. Yet.

Some excellent points on UFC 82.

And some more.


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