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Posted on: July 11, 2011 3:55 pm
Edited on: July 11, 2011 4:02 pm

Pacman Jones sounds, gulp, innocent

I don't like Pacman Jones. If he moved next door tomorrow morning, my house would be on the market by lunch.

That said, I'm tempted to believe Jones didn't deserve what happened to him outside a bar early Sunday morning in Cincinnati.

Read this for yourself. No need to give you the play-by-play, but the key passage is here, courtesy of Jones' agent, Peter Schaffer:

Jones was out with friends when another female threw a punch at his wife. Jones walked up to police and said he wanted to file charges. According to other witnesses, Jones became upset as the woman who punched his wife started walking away -- while police became more concerned about Jones. After he uttered a few profanities at officers, they arrested him.

If that's the way it went down, Pacman was arrested for trying to do the right thing and losing his temper when his actions went unrewarded.

Let me put it like this: If the agent's version of the story is true, you could substitute "Gregg Doyel" for "Pacman Jones" -- because my reaction would have been similar.

If the agent's version is remotely close to accurate -- and that's a huge "if" -- the police owe Pacman an apology. And Pacman owes the police a lawsuit.

Update (4:02 p.m.): I forgot to mention, Pacman Jones already has been wrongly arrested once by cops in Cincinnati. Happened in October.

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Posted on: March 11, 2008 7:29 am
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Morning: More strip joints for Pacman Jones

The Dallas Cowboys are thinking about making a run at Pacman Jones? Huh? Does Jerry Jones not realize there are 66 strip clubs in the greater Dallas area?

Trent Green returning to the Rams is like the Yankees exhuming Wally Pip and giving him a multi-year contract. Some teams should stay away from some players, and vice versa.

The Packers have a 30-year waiting list to get tickets. This guy tried to get around it by printing his own. So now he faces 30 years in jail. I'd call that irony. Not sure I'd call it justice.

Congratulations to the Seahawks for landing Julius Jones, but would someone in the front office please answer the phone? It's Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander. He'd like to know what the #&$! is going on.

The Cubs are going to replace someone named Felix Pie with someone named Elmer Fudd or Fuld or something like that. Forget Seattle. What the hell is going on in Chicago?

It was bad enough when Garth Brooks put on a uniform and played house with the Padres. Now Billy Crystal is going to do the same with the Yankees. At least Brooks resembles Mark Grace facially. Crystal just looks ... old.

The state of Arizona has declared open season on spring training in Florida. So what's the big deal? All the old folks are already moving to Scottsdale.

The Orlando Magic don't want to blame any one in particular for that disastrous home loss to Golden State ... but what the hell. Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson? It was your fault.

Shaquille O'Neal is gone. Dwyane Wade is now finished. The only question left for the Heat is this: How is Pat Riley going to pin the next 20 losses on Stan Van Gundy?

CBS has an agreement with an MMA outfit, which thrills me. One of the fighters for that outfit has a tattoo of a swastika. I'm less thrilled. Maybe even a little bit nauseated.

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva wants to box Roy Jones Jr. I love me some Anderson Silva, but Jones would knock him out in two rounds.

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