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Posted on: January 5, 2012 11:20 am

Marlins: 24 men and a baby

And the Marlins were doing so well.

They hired manager Ozzie Guillen. They signed shortstop Jose Reyes. They signed closer Heath Bell. They signed starting pitcher Mark Buehrle. They talked Hanley Ramirez into moving to third base.

The Marlins were all set to move into their Miami stadium with those shiny pieces, but then they went and did the unthinkable. They invited a cockroach into their new home.

You know his name. Carlos Zambrano. He might not be a bad guy 363 days out of the year, but he'll have two or three (2012 is a leap year!) where he just baffles the brain, alienates the fans, abandons his teammates, disrupts his clubhouse.

Zambrano could win a lot of games, but at what cost? What lessons might he teach, say, Ramirez?

The Cubs are paying Zambrano more money this season than the Marlins -- a lot more -- and the Cubs are paying that price just to be rid of him.

There's a reason. Apparently some lessons must be learned in person.

Posted on: February 18, 2008 10:06 am

Morning! Shawne Merriman's a decent dude.

The first home to be rebuilt after those awful wild fires in the San Diego area was rebuilt  by ... Shawne Merriman.

Not sure if they can pitch, but the Baltimore Orioles' starting rotation can play a mean game of basketball.

The Cubs' strange history includes this guy, who's admirable to say the least -- but still one of the more unusual characters ever to reach the major leagues.

Oh my goodness. Ozzie Guillen says he was too soft last year, and will go "back to (being) Ozzie" this year. It's going to be a fun year -- not for the White Sox. For me.

In Seattle they're coming to grips with the reality that the Sonics' most recent owner really is going to move the team to Oklahoma City. And they're not pleased.

Since everyone else in the NBA seems to be getting help, LeBron James is correct to wonder when his general manager will wake up and do the same for the Cavaliers.

The hottest boxer in the world, Kelly Pavlik, says he has considered switching to MMA. Ask yourself this: Has a hot MMA fighter, anywhere, ever contemplated switching to boxing?

Kimbo Slice knocked Tank Abbott out. Badly. And easily.

While the video remains up, see for yourself.


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