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Posted on: September 26, 2011 4:58 pm

NFL teams cherish their QB's. Or not.

Three big-time, big-money quarterbacks are being hurried back onto the field as fast as possible, and why? Because NFL teams are greedy business ventures. Not a shock, really, but it would be nice if one team -- just one -- of the following three offenders bucked the desire to milk every last play out of their bell-cow QB's by saying, "You know what? You've had enough. Sit this one out."

The three offenders: Cowboys. Eagles. Colts.

The three quarterbacks: Tony Romo (lung, rib). Michael Vick (head, hand). Peyton Manning (neck).

The Cowboys are expected to let Romo play tonight, just as they let him play last week, with some combination of broken rib/collapsed lung. The Eagles are hopeful Vick can play Sunday, one week after he suffered a broken bruised hand and two weeks after a concussion. The Colts made it clear Monday, through owner Jim Irsay, that they remain hopeful of Manning's return in December despite his advanced age, the location and severity of his injury, and the fact that the Colts have no shot, none, at playing meaningful games in December.

Funny how the NFL is trying to protect its quarterbacks from headhunting linebackers and knee-shotting defensive tackles, instead of worrying about the meanest SOB's in the league -- the owners.
Posted on: July 21, 2009 8:47 am

Vick deserves 2nd chance because...well, because

That's the crux of this column from Chicago, which isn't a solitary opinion by the way: America is all about second chances, and Vick has paid for his crime with prison/bankruptcy/humiliation, therefore let's welcome him back to the NFL.

I agree with the first part. America is about second chances. And the second part. Vick has paid a staggering price.

But the third part? The blithe assumption that, because of the first two parts, he is owed another shot at the NFL?

Sorry. Can't agree with that.

Vick earned the right to get out of jail, I suppose. A life prison sentence for Vick wouldn't have cost me a wink of sleep, but that's not the point. The courts spoke, so I'll listen. Vick has earned his freedom. Fine.

But the NFL? He has earned the right to play in the greatest sports league in this country? To travel first class and to play on national television and to be cheered for touchdowns?

He hasn't earned that. And he never will. Some crimes are so horrific to the senses that the perpetrator simply doesn't deserve the full "American way" treatment. Vick deserves his freedom and the chance to work an honest job and pay his taxes and raise a family. But he doesn't deserve to return to the prestige and fortune and glamour of the NFL. He never will deserve that.

Will he return? Probably.

But that won't make it right.
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