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Posted on: March 7, 2011 7:19 am

Show some restraint, Mark Cuban

At risk of coming off as an old fuddy-duddy to Mark Cuban's cool hip dude ... why can't Cuban stay off Charlie Sheen's lawn?

I mean, honestly. WTF?

Cuban is the charismatic, brilliant owner of the Dallas Mavericks, HDNet and whatever else he wants to buy, assuming it's not a Major League Baseball team. Since those folks won't let Cuban into their club. Cuban has money and smarts, and he's a thinker and a dreamer.

But trying to make money off Charlie Sheen? That's not thinking. That's not dreaming.

That's taking advantage.

I can't sit here and tell you what's wrong with Charlie Sheen. I just know something is. Chemical, mental, spiritual. Feline leukemia maybe, what with all that #TigerBlood.

Sheen is a ratings machine. I get that. Hell, I contribute to that. Show me a TV show with him on it. Show me a radio show. Show me a Twitter feed. I'll watch. I'll listen. I'll read. The guy's fascinating.

He's also troubled. Beyond troubled, is my guess.

And Mark Cuban wants to tap into that trouble for some revenue of his own? You have enough money, Cuban.

But have you any shame?

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Posted on: April 30, 2008 2:55 pm
Edited on: April 30, 2008 5:29 pm

This just in: Mark Cuban's insane

And I like Mark Cuban, most of the time anyway.

But firing Avery Johnson was a stupid knee-jerk reaction to a problem that wasn't of Johnson's creation. Unless it turns out that Johnson was the primary force behind the season-killing trade of Devin Harris for Jason Kidd, he just took the fall for the Dallas front office, which thought older-and-slower was the best way to win the wicked West. New Orleans' Chris Paul blew a hole in that theory, running circles around decrepit Kidd, and Avery Johnson is the one who pays with a pink slip?

Unacceptable. Avery Johnson didn't go from coaching savant to idiot overnight. But if there's any karma in the NBA, the Mavericks will go from the playoffs to the lottery as quickly as Johnson went from coach of the year to unemployment.

Who's next in Dallas? No clue, but I hear Louisville's Rick Pitino has had his eye on an NBA return for some time. Neither side will confirm this -- in fact Pitino's spokesman flatly denies it -- but I've been told by multiple sources on the periphery that a representative of Pitino spoke with the Miami Heat about their recent opening. Don't be surprised if Pitino speaks with Cuban about this one.

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Posted on: March 13, 2008 7:26 am

Mike Shanahan's hair really is coated with teflon

Here's some insight into the tense situation at Denver that ended with the dismissal of the team's general manager (in name only, apparently). Mike Shanahan continues to skate.

This story asks if the Falcons have the worst group of quarterbacks in the NFL. I'd take it one step farther and ask, in all seriousness, do the Falcons have the worst set of quarterbacks in NFL history? These guys completely suck.

While we're at it, let's ask this question: Is Pat Riley the worst coach in NBA history?

Do not play a prank on Mets 2B Luis Castillo. Aw, hell. Why not? What's he going to do about it?

Meet the newest 100-mph man in Major League Baseball. And immediately wonder if he got there cleanly. Hey, it's the steroids era. No one is immune.

The Mavericks Mark Cuban banned all bloggers in reaction to a negative blog entry in the Dallas Morning News. Two days later, the Dallas Morning News struck back.

Even Syracuse's players know they're out of the NCAA Tournament after that loss yesterday to Villanova.

If UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is serious about boxing Roy Jones Jr., well, it sounds as if Jones is willing to make it happen.

Like him or not, and most of you apparently would say not, UFC weltweight Josh Koscheck gives great interview.


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