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Posted on: March 6, 2008 7:22 am

Morning: LeBron James' post-50 NYC moment

LeBron hung 50 on the Knicks in the Garden, but he says what happened next was "the most unbelievable thing that's ever happened to me." What happened next? Not to give it away, but a man got arrested because of what happened next.

Amid all this love for Brett Favre, the fine people of Atlanta want you to remember why he didn't make it big in their city, with the Falcons: Because he was a drunk.

What the hell is a "sports sociology class" and why is an NFL player teaching it? And where is Clovis Community College? So many questions.

Whoever's wrong -- the Ravens or Terrell Suggs -- is a world class horse's ass for trying to massage Suggs' position into a few extra bucks.

Turns out Broncos D-lineman Marcus Thomas has an alibi for being caught with cocaine: It belonged to a member of his posse, not to Thomas. Hey, what's a posse for? Show them a grenade, and they jump on it.

Here's a politician who just killed his career in New York: He's begging Capitol Hill to leave Roger Clemens alone. Says poor little Roger has been through enough already. What a bozo. Both of them.

Former lottery pick Tyrus Thomas skipped practice with the Bulls. Just didn't show up.  Imagine the nerve. Just ... doesn't show.

One day after the Yankees threw a perfect game, the Braves couldn't manage a lousy no-hitter. But they sure did come close.

With Mauricio Rua injured and out, the UFC found a new opponent for Chuck Liddell at UFC 85. Unlike Rua, this guy can't beat Liddell.

UFC druggie Kevin Randleman is coming back ... against "the Snowman."


Posted on: March 3, 2008 7:33 am

Morning ... Roethlisberger still a walking cliche

Ben Roethlisberger is about to get paid.

Which is good. This is how that idiot spends his free time.

This is why NFL teams need to avoid character risks on draft day. This guy was a bad dude in college, and now he is being (allegedly) a bad dude in Denver.

The economics of baseball have been in place for decades, but Prince Fielder believes those economics shouldn't apply to him. Shut up and take the money, junior.

The same goes for you, Cole Hamels, especially since you had the nerve to say that you "just want to see some generosity." Other than the 500 G's, you mean?

It's a valid point: Why do MLB teams have to beat up on college kids every spring?

Flip Murray for MVP of the NBA. OK, not really. But at least he's not haboring alleged murderers in his house. Yet.

Some excellent points on UFC 82.

And some more.


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