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Posted on: August 26, 2011 9:52 am
Edited on: August 26, 2011 12:11 pm

Les Miles is in an impossible position

LSU football coach Les Miles is in a brutal position, the kind of situation they don't teach anywhere. This is on-the-job learning right here -- and whatever Les Miles does, he's wrong.

If he suspends star quarterback Jordan Jefferson because of reports that Jefferson did (but maybe did not) kick a prone victim during a fight outside a Baton Rouge bar, Miles runs the risk of hurting his player, his team and his school for something Jefferson never did.

If he doesn't suspend Jefferson, as he has not done so far, Miles runs the risk of allowing a potential felon to play, and all the national tut-tutting that such leniency produces.

Meantime, no charges have been filed. Forgive Les Miles for not knowing what happened outside that bar, seeing how the cops themselves still don't seem to have a grasp on it. Witnesses are offering contradictory accounts, but what's known is this: Jefferson and a large handful of teammates were out too late, busting curfew, hanging out at a bar. It was a stupid move, and it deserves punishment.

But how much punishment? What would be fair? Maybe we should let the facts come in, shall we? This isn't a case like -- to name just one -- Miami football, where the alleged scumbag isn't an alleged scumbag. He's an admitted scumbag. Nevin Shapiro says he helped scores of UM players violate NCAA rules. It's up to the school and the NCAA to figure out just how truthful Shapiro has been, but in the meantime it seems reasonable to believe the worst. Or even a fraction of the worst. Because a fraction of the worst would still be pretty damn bad.

As for LSU, well, shoot. Believing the worst -- believing that Jefferson is the reason a man has cracked vertebra after that fight -- would mean suspending Jefferson before the police have done their job. It would mean suspending Jefferson for something he possibly didn't do.

One of these days the cops will figure out what (they think) happened. And when charges come down -- as charges surely will come down against someone, or multiple someones, on the LSU football team -- Miles must act decisively. And I'm sure he will. Until then, though, I'm not sure he should suspend Jordan Jefferson.

Not sure I could do that, if I were Les Miles.

Go ahead. Call me an SEC shill. But you better ignore this story.

And this one.

And this one.

And ...

UPDATE, 11:52 a.m.: An arrest warrant has been issued for Jefferson (and linebacker Josh Johns). Now, it is absolutely time for Les Miles to suspended Jefferson (and Johns).

UPDATE, 12:12 p.m. And now there are reports (on Twitter!) that Jefferson and Johns have been suspended indefinitely. So it all worked out as it should have, in the end.

Posted on: May 2, 2008 3:12 pm
Edited on: May 2, 2008 3:14 pm

You paying attention, Les Miles?

On the same day I was disgusted into writing about LSU football coach Les Miles, who finally saw fit to expel his best player, I'm moved to write in support of Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean ... who booted off his only players.

Crean inherited an awful situation at Indiana, one infected by the kinds of players Kelvin Sampson not only had recruited -- but then had allowed to run amok. Interim coach Dan Dakich was the first person to bring discipline to the program by kicking Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis off the team shortly after the season ended.

Crean came in, and immediately it sounded as if he was going to succumb to the same sort of crap that Les Miles succumbed to all those times he put up with Ryan Perrilloux: But my team needs these guys ...

But after sitting on it and thinking on it and presumably meeting with the carcinogenic players himself, Crean decided Friday not to let them back onto the team. Even better, he also kicked off DeAndre Thomas, whose rotten attitude could be smelled from a mile away.

Crean has no players left. No good ones, anyway. He's going to get his butt kicked for a year or two at Indiana because of it, but I'm more proud of the man than I've ever been.

And I'm more disappointed in Miles than ever.


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Posted on: May 2, 2008 9:45 am

Les Miles is one tough SOB

What did Ryan Perrilloux do?

Let the speculation begin, but let the bidding start high. Perrilloux wasn't kicked off the LSU team after being investigated for his alleged role in a counterfeit ring. He wasn't kicked off after his alleged role in a nightclub brawl. He wasn't kicked off the team after using a fake ID or skipping classes or team meetings.

He wasn't even a junior yet, Ryan Perrilloux. That's quite a rap sheet for a college sophomore. But even after all that, he was going to be a junior this upcoming season for LSU coach Les Miles.

Until Friday, when Miles -- or someone above Miles -- finally kicked Perrilloux off the team for not fulfilling "his obligation as an LSU student-athlete."

So what does that mean? It means Perrilloux messed up really bad this time, so bad that even a shameless huckster like Les Miles had no choice but to part with his starting quarterback.



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