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Posted on: February 28, 2008 7:17 am

Morning -- God loves you less than David Tyree

David Tyree believes God wants him to have a new television commercial. God may love you. But He really digs David Tyree.

Judging from his name only, the Broncos' new receivers coach sounds like an 1870 moonshiner.

I've never posted a YouTube video before on this blog. But this one is worth it, unless you're an N.C. State basketball fan. And then you will want to vomit. While Sidney Lowe is struggling in Raleigh, Herb Sendek is taking Arizona State to the NCAA Tournament.

This unbelievable story on Billy Gillispie would have worked very well in a column of mine that will go up later this morning.

Horrible tragedy happened to this Seattle Mariner. Years have passed, but you don't get over something like that. Let's root for him to make the club, huh?

Hi, my name is Alfonso Soriano, and I'm afraid of the outfield walls at Wrigley Field.

Wait, wait, wait a minute. The knucklehead owner of the Knicks wants to bring in Kiki Vandeweghe, but not to replace Isiah Thomas? To work with him? Someone please throw in the towel. New York has had enough.

Yo, Isiah -- Stephon Marbury was your idea.

That Shaquille Era in Phoenix is really hitting its stride. Yeesh.

CBS won the race to be the first network with an MMA deal. I work for CBS, you know.

Kimbo Slice is coming to CBS? Woohoo!


Posted on: February 20, 2008 9:22 am

Morning! The Knicks hate each other!

The Knicks' game last night was marred by an altercation on the bench between Zach Randolph and Nate Robinson, and by the disappearing act of Eddy Curry. Even when they win, they lose.

Speaking of the Knicks, Isiah Thomas was honestly asked if he would leave for the Indiana job whenever Kelvin Sampson is finally fired. No way the Hoosiers are that dumb. OK, maybe they are that dumb.

The Ravens have given Terrell Suggs the franchise tag. That's not the question. The question is: At which position? Suggs wants to be tagged at defensive end, which would get him more money than linebacker. The Raves insist he's a linebacker.

Miserable 49ers fans can look across the bay and feel better about themselves. (Miserable Raiders fans can do the same.)

All the attention on Andy Pettitte this spring means this guy can skate under the radar for a change. Until he starts screwing up at first base.

Jose Reyes vows to stop acting like a punk. I give him three weeks into April.

The highest-paid player in Kansas City history is this guy? No wonder the Royals suck.

Paul Buentello isn't afraid of Kimbo Slice. Someone should tell Slice to be afraid of Paul Buentello, though.

B.J. Penn envisions holding the UCF lightweight and welterweight titles at the same time, if GSP can get past Matt Serra.

Posted on: February 18, 2008 10:06 am

Morning! Shawne Merriman's a decent dude.

The first home to be rebuilt after those awful wild fires in the San Diego area was rebuilt  by ... Shawne Merriman.

Not sure if they can pitch, but the Baltimore Orioles' starting rotation can play a mean game of basketball.

The Cubs' strange history includes this guy, who's admirable to say the least -- but still one of the more unusual characters ever to reach the major leagues.

Oh my goodness. Ozzie Guillen says he was too soft last year, and will go "back to (being) Ozzie" this year. It's going to be a fun year -- not for the White Sox. For me.

In Seattle they're coming to grips with the reality that the Sonics' most recent owner really is going to move the team to Oklahoma City. And they're not pleased.

Since everyone else in the NBA seems to be getting help, LeBron James is correct to wonder when his general manager will wake up and do the same for the Cavaliers.

The hottest boxer in the world, Kelly Pavlik, says he has considered switching to MMA. Ask yourself this: Has a hot MMA fighter, anywhere, ever contemplated switching to boxing?

Kimbo Slice knocked Tank Abbott out. Badly. And easily.

While the video remains up, see for yourself.


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