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Posted on: March 7, 2008 6:49 am

Morning: Pat Riley and Kelvin Sampson still suck

Pat Riley might miss a couple of games for the Heat to go on the road and scout college players. Because Riley is such a good judge of talent and chemistry. Jeez, Pat, do everyone a favor and take the rest of, oh, your career off.

Kelvin Sampson is already working on his next job in the NBA, where ethics are optional.

Concussion-bound LB Dan Morgan has settled on a new team to not play for.

Look, I like Eric Bynes as much as the next person ... but not as much as this person. Wow. And there's no excuse for the plaid pajamas on a grown man. Ever.

Johan Santana probably didn't sign with the Mets to be told to wear this particular strap-on. Only in New York. Or Port St. Lucie.

Aided by the Philadelphia media, which won't let this non-story go, Cole Hamels keeps on bitching about the horrific pay the Phillies keep forcing on him. Be quiet, Cole. Please.

You too, Donald Fehr. You lying, enabling, transparent bully.

This guy paid $10,000 to win the "bring a fan to work" promotion of the Detroit Tigers, and his reward was a spot next to Jim Leyland? Jeez, $10,000 doesn't go as far as it once did. I kid, I kid. I'm a big Leyland guy.

Pot-smoking David Harrison went mental in the locker room after getting a late technical foul for the Pacers.

One of the best lightweights in MMA will fight one of the best BJJ coaches later this month.


Posted on: February 22, 2008 9:00 am

Call their bluff, Rick Greenspan (morning!)

Thanks to some tremendous reporting by CBSSports.com's Gary Parrish, we're now aware of the ridiculous ultimatum posed to Indiana AD Rick Greenspan by several Hoosiers, who said they'll walk out on the team if Greenspan follows through on his plan to get rid of phonin' Kelvin Sampson.

Do it, Greenspan. Get rid of Sampson and let the chips idiots fall where they may.

This is a toothless threat, first of all. D.J. White is going to give up his last shot at playing in the Final Four? Eric Gordon is going to give up his only shot at the Final Four? They can't be that dumb. And if they are ... do it, Greenspan. Send the message right now that Indiana will not be told how to run its shady business by college kids.

Right now Greenspan looks terrible for bringing in Sampson in the first place. He'll look even worse if he refuses to kick the cheater to the curb. And if he caves in to the players? He'll end his own career. He's finished.

But if he stands up to the players, even if they follow through on their threat, he will look noble for the first time in his miserable career at Indiana. And Indiana will recover.

If Indiana gives in to college kids who love their cheating coach? Greenspan won't recover from that. Neither will Indiana. Not ever.

Call their bluff, Greenspan. The college kids might have more cards in their hand, but you've got something more valuable.

The knowledge that you're right.






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