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Posted on: September 1, 2009 1:55 pm

There, Isiah ... was that so hard?

After much soul-searching and hand-wringing -- or maybe the people in charge of FIU sports did like they did when debating whether to hire Isiah Thomas, and let heads be "yes" and tails be "no" -- FIU has decided to open the 2009-10 basketball season against defending national champion North Carolina.

I can think of about 300 schools that would have given the naming rights to their gym for the chance to play North Carolina, but FIU had to make a mess of this and debate whether to play one of the most famous programs in the sport -- in any sport -- on national television.

This game will be one of the most significant events in FIU basketball history, and the AD and basketball coach literally had to think about it before saying yes.

Next time, guys, flip the coin. I bet a buck that a quarter is smarter than both of you.
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Posted on: August 26, 2009 7:03 am

Turns out Isiah isn't the biggest idiot at FIU

Nope. That would be the athletics director, someone named Pete Garcia, who had the nerve and the gall and the outright miscomprehension to complain that FIU is being "bullied" into opening its season against defending national champion North Carolina.

Most small-time college programs, which FIU absolutely is, are thrilled to get the exposure of a game against a team like UNC. Because most AD's get it. You're going to lose, but you're going to get 10 times the exposure as you would in a game -- even a victory -- against most other teams, even a team as good as Ohio State, which is the opponent Garcia expected to face.

In other words, losing to UNC is a loss everyone understands.

Pete Garcia doesn't understand.

He says he was bullied into the game, implying he was misled by Coaches vs. Cancer tournament officials. He said he thought FIU would open the Isiah Thomas era against Ohio State.

And maybe he has a point, but I'm guessing whatever is happening to FIU has happened to countless schools in countless early-season events over the years, and nobody else's AD ever complained as publicly as Garcia. Why? Because an unexpected game against an opponent like UNC is something to be cherished, bragged about, recruited around in the future.

Come to FIU, kid, and you'll play against teams like UNC.

Garcia doesn't get it, and he's complaining about it as if anyone would care about his side. We don't care, Pete. And now we know why you would interview an idiot like Isiah Thomas and then hire him.

Because on the day of that interview, Isiah was the smarter guy in the room.
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