Posted on: December 12, 2009 8:15 pm

Shut up, Lane. Just ... shut ... up

Best thing that could happen to Lane Kiffin, and to the Tennessee football program, would be for his voice box to move to Tahiti.

Kiffin's mouth is the biggest reason he's in the headlines for negative reasons, and his mouth has struck again. As for being investigated for recruiting violations, Kiffin stuck his chest out and bragged about it: "They want to know how we're able to get interest from so many great players, and sign so many great players, so I think you have a lot of people coming at us."

True. They do want to know, Lane. Because Tennessee hasn't won in years, and you haven't won (as a head coach) ever, and yet still you get blockbuster recruit after recruit. The world wants to know how you're doing it, and if you keep shooting off your mouth, the world might just take the time and effort to find out.

Kiffin comes from USC, which had the Reggie Bush scandal. Am I saying Lane Kiffin was dirty then, or is dirty now? Hell no. I have no idea how Kiffin is doing it.

But most closets have a skeleton or two, and every time Kiffin shoots off his mouth, it motivates a few more people to search for his closet. That's a fact. Can Kiffin handle the scrutiny? We'll find out. If he doesn't shut his mouth.

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 9:53 am

Lane Kiffin, selfish young man

See! Age is an adjective. Nothing more or less ... Paterno fans.

Anyway ...

I'm not a Lane Kiffin guy. Read me at all, and you know that. I seem to mention it a few times a year month week.

Here's another example.

Not the violation. I don't care about the violation. I don't even care that ESPN helped commit the violation. ESPN was, technically speaking, doing its job. Plus, it's ESPN. ESPN does what ESPN wants. I get it. No problem.

But read at the end of the story where Kiffin gives an explanation about his infamous, and alleged, "gas pumping" comment. Notice the order in which he defends himself: He defends his intelligence before he defends his integrity. Even subliminally, those are his priorities.

Which tells me he's not as smart as he thinks he is. And not as wholesome, either.
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