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Posted on: July 8, 2011 12:11 pm

Kerry Collins no HOFer -- but the next 5 guys are

Kerry Collins isn't a Hall of Famer. If he makes it past the first cut of voting some day, I'd be stunned -- even if he is 11th all-time in passing yards (40,441) and ninth in completions (3,439) and attempts (6,163).

Collins' career record as a starter was 15 games below .500 and he's 116th all-time in passer rating (73.9), and that's where his Hall of Fame candidacy ends. He wasn't a great player, just an accumulator of great statistics. He's Don Sutton. Ahem.

Anyway, Collins' retirement clears the way for the top five (technically) active quarterbacks in terms of career passing yards -- all of whom will be Hall of Famers, as it should be for such a significant statistic: Brett Favre (first, 71,838), Peyton Manning (third, 54,828), Donovan McNabb (15th, 36,250), Drew Brees (17th, 35,266) and Tom Brady (19th, 34,744).

If you're complaining about the ring-less McNabb, stop. He has gone to six Pro Bowls, is 23rd in passer rating and one of the most accomplished runners at quarterback, and has a lifetime record of 97-57-1 as a starter.

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Posted on: February 11, 2011 2:26 pm

Induct them before they die

Forty-nine years after he last played, Les Richter was chosen this past week for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Better late than never? Depends on your perspective.

Les Richter is dead.

He died in June, which means he lived for 48 1/2 years as a retired player, a retired great player, a potential Hall of Famer who didn't get into the Hall of Fame. Not until he died in June, at age 79, was he finally nominated for the Hall of Fame as a senior candidate.

As the saying goes, some people aren't appreciated until after they die. But that saying shouldn't apply to athletes. If Richter was a Hall of Famer, he should have had the pleasure of being inducted -- or at least nominated -- while he was alive. Sadly, this happens all the time.

Former Cowboys receiver Bob Hayes retired in 1974. He died 28 years later, in 2002. But not until 2009 was he inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Fritz Pollard, the NFL's first African-American coach, played and coached in the 1920s and '30s. He died in 1986. Not until 2005, though, was he inducted into the Hall of Fame.

George Allen, the Redskins coach, averaged 10 wins a year for 12 years, back when NFL teams played 12 or 14 games a season. He retired in 1977. Lived another 13 years, but not long enough to see his induction into the Hall of Fame, which came in 2002.

I'm not Jason Whitlock, who wrote (as he tends to do) a thought-provoking story this week on the selection process of the NFL Hall of Fame. I'm not here to argue Willie Roaf over Richard Dent.

I'm just here to beg Hall of Fame voters to do right by anyone deserving of the Hall of Fame and induct these guys, if they're going to induct them at all, before they die.

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