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Posted on: September 11, 2009 9:05 am

Forget an apology -- the Jets owe you money

That's right. They owe you money.

They owe you money if you bet on Jets games down the stretch of last season and made your bets thinking quarterback Brett Favre was completely healthy. Which he was not. He clearly was healthy enough to play, but apparently not healthy enough to play well, and the Jets went in the dumper along with his injured right arm. But they never told anyone, not even the NFL on the mandated injury list, about Favre's issue.

They lied, in other words.

Who paid for the Jets' dishonesty?

You did.

This is why I despise Eric Mangini. One of the reasons, anyway. He's a lying, sniveling, smug little weasel who took money out of your pocket. He's all yours, Cleveland. May you have the 5-11 record to show for it.
Posted on: September 9, 2009 5:40 pm

How tough it must be, to be Eric Mangini

I mean, the stress of being smarter than everyone else, and finding new and valid ways to remind everyone else, must be awful.

Not that he's doing a very good job of reminding anyone else.

He thinks he is when he pulls bush-league tactics like keeping the Browns' starting quarterback a secret. But he's not. He has two passing quarterbacks who will drop back and throw the ball downfield. He will pick one of them. Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, whatever. The biggest differences between the two of them are these: Anderson is a lot taller, and Quinn is a lot better looking.

Unless Mangini thinks the Vikings will try to defend his quarterbacks with high heels or, um, high heels ... it just doesn't matter.

But Mangini thinks it does, and I'll tell you why. He thinks that he, in a similar situation, would be able to come up with a perfect and unique gameplan to defend Quinn, and a perfect and unique gameplan to defend Anderson. And so he's thinking that if he's that smart, well, maybe the coach of the other team is one-third as smart and might also come up with fairly damn smart gameplans for each Cleveland quarterback.

So the starter will remain a secret.

By and large I don't care much how the Browns do this season.

But I'd love for Eric Mangini to go 1-15.

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