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Posted on: October 10, 2011 11:47 pm
Edited on: October 10, 2011 11:57 pm

Lions making all kinds of noise

DETROIT -- Something special is happening here in Detroit, and not just on the football field -- although it's awfully damn special on the football field, where the Lions improved to 5-0 on Monday night with a 24-13 drubbing of the Chicago Bears.

Matthew Stafford is a special quarterback. Charles Calvin Johnson a special receiver. Ndamukong Suh? Special defensive tackle. I'm starting to think Jim Schwartz is a special coach, too.

It's special off the field, too. Or in the crowd. In the building. Inside Ford Field.

I'm not big on ranking crowd noise, mainly because I can't do it. Was this place tonight louder than that place in 2007? How should I know? I can't remember how loud it was in some other stadium in 2007.

But I can tell you this: I'm almost never tempted to write about crowd noise like I'm writing about it here. That's how loud Ford Field was -- so loud that I couldn't ignore it, even after the game ended and the noise went away.

It was so loud, the Bears became completely unglued. Their offense committed six false-start penalties in the first half, then added three more in the second half. No idea if nine false-start penalties is an NFL record for a single team, but it could be. It happened because of the noise, which reminded me (ahem) of Cameron Indoor Stadium on the Duke campus, a tiny basketball building where 9,314 people can sound like, well, 67,861 -- the attendance Monday night.

So to recap: The Lions are a special team having a special season in front of a special crowd.

Good for you, Detroit. After enduring Matt Millen, you deserve this.

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Posted on: October 2, 2011 4:34 pm

Lions roar, Cowboys choke. Both happened.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- One of the worst chokes I've ever seen. One of the best comebacks I've ever seen. This game between Dallas and Detroit was both.

Detroit won 34-30, but only because Dallas lost 30-34. Detroit was great in the second half after falling behind 27-3, but Dallas was miserable. Not sure how to write one story without writing the other. I'm going to try here in a few minutes.

Tony Romo exemplifies all of it. Great for Dallas in the first half. Chokingly, gaggingly bad in the second. But he had help. Whoever called plays for Dallas. Whoever played in the secondary.

Calvin Johnson was the flip side to this. He won this game for Detroit by being the best player on the field. Can't wait to write this thing. Here I go!

Posted on: March 4, 2008 7:31 am

Morning ... another day, another Hambrick to jail

Remember Troy Hambrick, who once thought he was the heir to Emmitt Smith at Dallas? Turns out he was more like the heir to Pablo Escobar. He's going to jail for selling crack.

The honeymoon in Miami is over -- somebody just called Bill Parcells a liar in that whole Jason Taylor saga.

I've never seen this before so I don't know quite what to make of it, but the Detroit Lions' defensive coordinator felt the need to defend his team's failure to trade for Jets LB Jonathan Vilma, who went instead to New Orleans for a conditional fourrth-round pick. Actually, I think I do know what to make of it. The Lions remain a joke. 

The Cubs are trying to sell the naming rights of Wrigley Field. What would a company get for buying those rights? The immediate hatred of Cubs fans. Sounds like a deal to me!

Astros closer Jose Valverde received a box at spring training, opened it and ... why would he need those?

MIssouri junior forward Leo Lyons, who puts the "i" in idiot, seems to think he's ready for the NBA. Never heard of Leo Lyons? There's a reason for that.

Ron Artest wants out of Sacramento pretty badly. Calling his head coach incompetent won't work, but it will cost him five whole thousand dollars.

How bad is it for the Los Angeles Clippers? The owner is no longer returning the head coach's calls. I love this stuff.

One month into Pat Knight's tenure at Texas Tech, and already the Red Raiders have suffered the two worst losses in program history. With more games left in the season!

Yushin Okami, next for Anderson Silva? Silva would beat Okami so fast, he'd have to run some arena stairs to get in a full workout for the day.

Apparently UFC president Dana White left behind quite a mess after UFC 82. The link has a handful of curse words. Tread carefully, gentle reader.

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