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Posted on: August 5, 2011 11:49 am

Donte Whitner is a bad guy

Donte Whitner is a liar and a fraud, and the Bengals have had plenty of those over the years. Good riddance to you, Whitner. Didn't want you in Cincinnati anyway.

But the way he went about his business, choosing the 49ers over the Bengals ...

Disgraceful. Just awful. Donte Whitner had come to terms with the Bengals -- agreed on a contract and everything -- and then pulled a Carlos Boozer and took more money from someone else.

On the intellectual side, I get it. X dollars from one team, or X-plus-Y dollars from another? You choose X-plus-Y ...

... unless you've already given your word to the team offering X. And then you stick by your word, because that's what an honorable person does.

Whitner isn't honorable. He's a clown. And then, after Tweeting that he had would play for the Bengals, he had the gall to Tweet that he would play for the 49ers instead and credited God for the change of plans.

As if God would approve of the way Donte Whitner went about this whole thing.

Stupid. Appalling. Self-centered.

Given all that, Whitner would have been the perfect Bengal. But we're getting rid of clowns like that in Cincinnati, so it's for the best that this one didn't come here after all.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 6:48 pm
Edited on: May 2, 2011 7:32 pm

Hawks-Bulls about to tip Game 1. Boozer starts!

CHICAGO -- Did you come here looking for a Carlos Boozer update? Forget it. There isn't one. Not yet. And I got that from a source close to the situation, a source I cannot name because ... screw it. I got that from Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

After Boozer went through a pregame workout at the United Center early Monday -- more than hour before Atlanta's team bus arrived -- Thibodeau said Boozer and trainers would need to evaluate how Boozer felt closer to tipoff. But Thibodeau did thip his hand (see what I did there?) by saying Boozer was getting "better each day" and noting that he looked good during the workout.

Thibodeau also tipped his hand the other way by declaring that Kurt Thomas would start if Boozer cannot play.

I'll have more on this situation as it develops. Or not. I'm already bored by the topic, especially given that the more important injury is on the other side. Hawks guard Kirk Hinrich, the ex-Bull, won't play tonight and might not play at all this series. Without him, the Hawks' chances would be slim to none.
And slim left town.

UPDATE (6:31 p.m. CT): Official starting lineup has Carlos Boozer at power forward for the Bulls. Kirk Hinrich is inactive for the Hawks.

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