Posted on: February 10, 2008 7:24 pm
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This hasn't gone over well in Michigan


There's a tiny little website in Wisconsin that claims to have some inside information on Terrelle Pryor. And if you're a Michigan fan, it's not good information.

In addition to his two DUI arrests, Chiefs DE Jared Allen has run with bulls, jumped out of a plane and wrestled a boar with a knife. The boar didn't have the knife. Allen did. Boars don't have hands. They have hooves. Or something.

Purdue football coach Joe Tiller called Michigan's Rich Rodriguez a not-so-nice name.

Alabama's top recruit is being compared to Bo Jackson in terms of impact on a college football program. Wow.

By now you've almost surely heard of the Nevada kid who faked his own commitment to the California football team. Sad story. Well, something similar happened to -- not by -- an Ohio State recruit.

In case you were wondering -- yes, eight-man football does still exist. And the powerhouse Oklahoma Sooners actually have offered one of these eight-man superstars a scholarship.

Diego Sanchez doesn't get it. Instead of dropping down to 155 pounds, he's staying at 170 ... and dreaming of a matchup with Georges St. Pierre.

Fedor did one heck of a job calling out Dana White.



Posted on: February 9, 2008 12:35 pm

Pot, Meet Kettle (the Illinois AD)


OK, so this is funny. Not funny, ha-ha. More like funny, hahahahahahahaha.

The athletics director at Illinois, Ron Guenther, has issued an apology to Indiana and Hoosiers freshman Eric Gordon for the profane way some Illinois fans treated them Thursday night. It was a classy move, this apology, considering the unclassy way Gordon was treated on occasion by -- again -- a handful of fans. Not the entire crowd.

What I find funny is that Guenther is the same guy who treated his own players last year with no class at the NCAA Tournament, a display I witnessed and then wrote about. The story created a ruckus at Illinois, with some people wanting Guenther fired and other people wanting me fired. Anyway ...

Guenther never apologized for his behavior that day. The closest he came was in this story, when he basically apologized for my decision to report what I heard and saw. Here's the money quote:

I feel badly that (Doyel) felt he had to print it.

So there you have it. Illinois fans were a bunch of boors Thursday night, as decreed by Guenther. Takes one to know one, I guess.




Posted on: January 18, 2008 5:07 pm
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Come on, you should be embarrassed

 The Cardinals are thinking of inviting suspected steroid user Juan Gonzalez to spring training. McGwire, Canseco, Rick Ankiel, Troy Glaus, now Gonzalez ... Tony La Russa has no shame.

 Happy to say I believed Randy Moss from the get-go when he denied hitting that woman in Florida. I believe him even more after reading how much money she wanted to extort from Moss to keep the whole thing quiet.

 If Dungy goes, the Colts' next coach apparently will be the guy who "coached" Peyton Manning. You could have coached Peyton Manning.

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