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Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

Posted on: November 8, 2011 3:13 pm
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- The more Scott Paterno talks, the worse it looks for his father. And here he goes, talking some more.

"Nobody has asked Joe to step down," Scott said outside his father's house on Tuesday, where about 75 reporters were waiting for the chance to speak with the coach as he left for practice. "No more comment, guys."

Scott Paterno has become a major player in this story, if only because he's the mouth that won't stop flapping. Before this Jerry Sandusky scandal, which will bring down Joe Paterno one way or another, I didn't know about Scott Paterno. Didn't know he was a lawyer. Didn't know he had a goatee. Didn't know he existed.

Now, you can't miss him. He's everywhere, and if you can't find him in person, find him on-line.

"Follow me on Twitter," Scott Paterno told the media Tuesday outside his father's house.

And I'm not making that up. Joe Paterno's son really did use this moment to ask the media -- under the guise of gathering information -- to "follow me on Twitter." He sounded like some punk begging for attention.

Which he is, come to think of it. But I'm glad someone is willing to seek attention, after the school pulled the plug on Joe Paterno's weekly press conference Tuesday when it finally dawned on someone in the administration that this scandal is sort of a big deal. So the press conference was canceled. More than 200 reporters went sent away from Beaver Stadium, and they were sent away unhappy.

"He had in fact wanted to answer questions at the press conference," Scott Paterno told reporters outside his father's house on Tuesday. "I have nothing more to say."

He has said enough, believe me. Scott Paterno is the one who suggested -- on Twitter, follow him! -- that his father would give an off-campus press conference after the campus event was canceled. That sent almost 100 people to Paterno's house Tuesday, including 20 or so students who were there just ... because.

Eventually Joe Paterno popped out, walked to his car and said a few lines, most notably these: "I know you guys have a lot of questions. I'm trying to answer them today."

When? Where? He didn't say. He climbed into his car, after nearly tripping over someone's foot, and sped away.

Scott Paterno stayed to handle the publicity, because that's what he does. He handles publicity. He doesn't handle it adroitly, but that's not my problem. Almost everything Scott Paterno has said in the last few days has shown a severe disconnect between the Paterno side and the Penn State side. They are not on the same page here, but we only know that because of Scott Paterno. He has said his father would meet the media at his regular press conference, but the school shut down the press conference. He has said his father would meet the media off-campus, then didn't make it happen. Probably because the school caught wind of it and urged for something resembling silence.

The school is very clearly trying to find a way to separate itself from Joe Paterno, but Scott says that's not the case.

"Status quo. Joe will coach Saturday," he told reporters outside his father's house Tuesday. "I have no other comment."

Scott Paterno is the son who helped Joe craft that ill-conceived statement over the weekend, where Joe Paterno claimed to have been "fooled" by Jerry Sandusky, even though Joe Paterno himself is the one who reported Sandusky's alleged molestation of a boy in 2002 to Penn State athletics director Tim Curley.

That statement also played the family card -- "Sue and I have devoted our lives to helping young people ..." -- and in general made a mess of Paterno's involvement in the case. Well done? Not close, but that's Scott Paterno. He doesn't know what he's doing.

"Guys, I have to go. I have nothing more to say," he told reporters outside his father's house Tuesday, after his father had left for practice. Scott Paterno said that as he walked toward the front door.

And then Scott Paterno did the weirdest thing. He stopped walking toward the house, turned and faced the reporters.

"No comment," he said, but he didn't leave. He didn't move. And he talked for about three more minutes. The attention is a flame. Scott Paterno is the moth.

And his father's career is being burned to a crisp.


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Posted on: November 18, 2011 5:00 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

TO JBOYER101 - I TOTALLY agree with this entire blog post and comments like yours make me laugh and prove EXACTLY what a major problem with this entire case is- it is obvious you are either some sort of Penn State alum or homer/Paterno loyalist who is incapable of looking at this objectively. 
The fact that you felt the need to refer to someone else as a "TREE HUGGING LIBERAL" pretty much right off the bat in your post shows what kind of person he is right offf the bat- save the worthless jibberish. He refers to Scott Paterno as "a wonderful man who has done so much for the great state of PA and the writer of the blog failed to even mention that Scott is an amazing lawyer & supporter of many community programs, a father, a lawyer, BLAH BLAH BLAH."  I say this with the uttmost respect - WHO FREAKING CARES YOU ASSHAT??!! 
What is being discussed here is what he has done since this scandel broke and how he has handled his father's business.  You, like so many Conservatives & Republicans, choose to bring in issues and discuss things that HAVE NO BEARING WHATSOEVER WITH THE DISCUSSION AT HAND- NONE!!

Scott Paterno IS a tubby schmuck begging for attention.  He has no part of this - NONE. He stands on the steps of his parent's home, directing reporters and talking to people like he has anything at all to do with this situation. 
He IS using this disgusting scandel to get HIMSELF into the limelight.  Pumping his Twitter account, helping his dipshit Dad put together a terrible statement that was barely above Sandusky's idiot interview, and putting himself out there are all ways he is injecting himself where he does not belong.

In short- he needs to shut up and so do a lot of people on this forum. This was a terrible black eye for Penn State and EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved DESERVES to be fired and most should be dragged into the street and shot. I might want to do everything for my father if he WASN't acccused of turning a blind eye to kids getting raped and claims to do as much as he had to do when he did not do nearly enough.

This was a well written article and JBOYER101- you should just keep your views to yourself, it will sound much better.... 

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 11:26 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

Talk about a fool. You should look in the mirror.  Who the heck are you? Prior to reading this garbage that you wrote this evening I had no clue who the H@LL you were.  I read the babble that you call a blog regarding one Scott Paterno and a few others and it didn’t take very long to see that you’re a blatant TREE HUGGING LIBERAL who for some reason gets his rocks off by trying to be controversial and talking crap about everyone and everything you write about.  I think you must have gotten more than a choke out when you dabbled in MMA.  But I did a little research into who exactly you are and found my initial thought sustained, unlike you, who failed to do a simple Google search on your most recent victim.  Who are you to attack such a wonderful man who has done so much for the great state of PA? Oh wait, that’s right, you claim to have been born in HI much like many finger pointing liberals.  You failed to even mention that Scott is an amazing lawyer, supporter of many community programs, and has been active in PA politics for the past 20 years.  Yes, he had a failed political run a few years ago but at least he tried to make a difference. What have you done for your state or your country other than publish your babble and stir the crap pot?  Did you know that, like you, he is a father?  Did you know that his education exceeds that of most high-ranking judges and politicians and makes yours look like nothing?  Yes, he did go on a little during the press conference but this is his father.  Wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to help your father?  Yes, he might be a little bit over weight but you don’t know that he has always had that build and he is an amazing athlete with more sports knowledge in his little finger than you could ever dream of.  You bash him for having a goatee. Well, sir, what is that thing on your chin?  Or did you forget to wash your face this morning because you’re trying to save the planet? Have you looked at the pictures of you online?  What I am trying to say is get off your high and mighty horse and see people for who they are before you start to bash them. You might want to stick to what you seem to know best and report on sports and teams, not individuals who you don’t know.  Who are you to judge someone on a three minute impromptu press meeting outside his family home?  How would you react if the shoe was on the other foot and you had to speak off the cuff rather than sitting around all day thinking about what you’re going to say before typing your babble out on your computer?  You owe this man an apology, at the least, and everyone who is stupid enough to subscribe to your babble.  Stick to what you seem to know best and from my humble point of view that is getting you’re a@@ kicked in the MMA ring.

Since: Jan 14, 2010
Posted on: November 9, 2011 2:26 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

All I thought when I saw him was, who is that fat boy?  And: that guy really needs to stop shoveling food into his mouth. 

Since: Nov 9, 2011
Posted on: November 9, 2011 12:32 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

How is this even news. All he did was obvouisly bash Joe Pa's son

for example

"He sounded like some punk begging for attention. Which he is, come to think of it. "

this is a sad attemp at being a journalist. You ever heard of the SPJ code? This guy should be fired. People like this is the reason journalist get a bad rap. This is so obvouis full of bias. Remeber Rhetoric reveals true motives.

Who is Doyel an un-professional who lets his emotions pander his work.

This is something i would expect from FOX news but not you CBS im so dissapointed

Since: Nov 8, 2011
Posted on: November 9, 2011 8:47 am

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

Of course bloggers are supposed to elicit comments and conversation with their opinions but this post is just plain idiotic and terribly poor journalism for a person from CBS. He's bashing Scott Paterno after defending his father through a sea of reporters at his house. And this blogger's defense of Scott being a windbag is his Twitter reference. This article is unintelligent and sounds uneducated. Haven't read any of this guys other posts but I for sure won't now. Head over to ESPN where bloggers are intelligently objective and not just writing fodder to get comments

Since: Jul 23, 2009
Posted on: November 9, 2011 1:09 am

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

I think Joe Paterno is a genuinely good man and it's a shame that this happened. I have never been a Penn State fan and really, for whatever reason, I never particularly cared for Paterno. I always thought he was a good guy but I always thought he was a strange guy as well. From his attire, including flood water pants, short ties, and coke bottle glasses, to his desire to basically die on the field coaching instead of spending more time with his family. I worked in PA for over a year recently and talked to a lot of PSU fans who said that although he deserved to leave when he wanted to, they felt it was time for him to go and that he may have been holding back the program by staying. I think they were right and not because of this incident either. I just don't really believe that the man would intentionally look the other way concerning such a terrible crime. What I think this really shows is, despite his physical appearance remaining remarkably the same over the years, his state of mind can certainly be questioned now. He would have been about 75 in 2002 and that's certainly old enough to be suffering from cognitive degeneration to the point that your judgement is way off. I think that's really a lot to do with it and a lot to do with why he's still coaching. If he would have retired when he should have, about ten or so years ago, he wouldn't even likely be in this mess. Anyway, the whole thing is just sickening and it's a shame that Paterno will now be remembered for this instead of all the good he did. The worst thing of all of course....all those poor kids and what happened to them. How many of them do you think are leading normal lives right now? My guess....none!

Since: Nov 6, 2009
Posted on: November 8, 2011 11:39 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

I could not agree more with this post.  I cringed when I heard him say "I don't have anything to say, you have to follow me on twitter."  Wow.  you have all the media right there and you plug your twitter account.  Sick.  Not as sick as Sandusky of course.

Look at the lead story on the cbs home page.  Scott Paterno, phone in hand, ready to check how many followers he has.

Since: May 13, 2010
Posted on: November 8, 2011 11:30 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

He gets paid to write an article that elicits responses such as the ones you are complaining about. His job is not only to offer his opinions but to cause controversy to attract readers and responses. 

Since: Feb 9, 2007
Posted on: November 8, 2011 9:45 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

The idiots who blast Doyle on this..What is wrong with you?.. He is employed by CBS to write and so he writes his opinion on sports.  Why dont you comment  on this subject and not on the author. 

He is being paid to write his opinion.  It is how he pays his bills.  And even if you dont agree with what he writes why does it drive you try to post hateful drivel.  Grow the $%^% Up 

Since: Nov 8, 2011
Posted on: November 8, 2011 8:59 pm

Who is Scott Paterno? A guy who won't shut up

I've been turned off by Scott Paterno's behavior and can see where this blogger is coming from. The biggest concern with this scandal should be for the victims of the molester and as always celebrity seems to drown out their voices. Not once has Scott Paterno made any reference to the victims. This story is all about his Pop in his eyes. Well I've heard enough about his Pop. Bottom line, JoePa, the douchebag AD, the douchebag AVP or whatever the hell his undeserving title is and probably the University President all sat on this when they were legally and ethically obligated to contact law enforcement. They are all gone. Period. No one will survive this scandal. I'm not saying JoePa is a bad guy cause I think he's generally a good dude. But he messed this one up big time and is gonna pay one hell of a price. Now sit down and shut up Scott Paterno cause none of this is about you and your stupid Twitter account and what you know cause your Pop's fate is in the hands of the Board of Trustees and you aint one of them.

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