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Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

Posted on: September 13, 2011 4:00 pm
You know what would have been appropriate in the case of The NCAA vs. Boise State? It would have been appropriate for the NCAA to look over the violations and say, "You know what? This stuff was clearly inadvertent, and more to the point, it was nothing. No sanctions for you. The NCAA isn't into sanctioning schools for inadvertent piles of nothing."

Instead, the NCAA justified its existence, not to mention its hundreds of man-hours into the Boise "case," by giving the Broncos three years of probation along with some small scholarship and practice restrictions. All in all, the NCAA slapped Boise State on the wrist. Which is nice, but this would have been nicer:

Patting Boise on the head, telling the Broncos, "No harm, no foul," and calling it a day.

That would have been appropriate, given that Boise already had self-imposed penalties on itself, including some lost scholarships and lost practice time. The NCAA then added to the scholarship-and-practice reduction, and wrapped a bow on the whole thing by imposing three years of probation -- as if Boise is guilty of something nefarious, something North Carolina-like or Ohio State-like or Miami-like.

Nonsense. Boise State basically committed some bookkeeping errors in terms of housing and transportation for athletes in the summer, including the ridiculous sin of allowing one athlete to bunk on the couch of another athlete.

Anyway, Boise State will survive this, especially if it stays out of trouble over the next three years. Then again, according to this very case, the NCAA has defined "trouble" with a bit too broad a brush.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 6:22 pm

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

Yep, exactly right.  And to all the BSU haters out there cheering, you might want to re-think your to be short lived joy and consider how a school the size of .... well anyone you're rooting for, will control what constituted "lack of institutional control at Boise" and will now be looked at as presidence, "the standard".  

For no longer can a player "catch a ride with another player, crash on another's couch or share a box of Cherrios" without one being properly reimbursed by the other financially at a NCAA acceptable level without a "lack of institutional control" occuring.  Tell me how schools the size of small cities are going to control that?

Just this past year or two, look at what, and at level offenses ocurred at tOSU, USC, Georgia, Miami, on and on...

The NCAA will have to relent at some point, because after a full season or two comes to pass there won't be a BCS team left to play.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 12:55 pm

Doyel is a complete hypocrite

i'm dont follow the logic on why he's not calling for the death penalty as he was for Miami.  I'm a Penn State fan and have no dog in the fight, but it's "reporters" like this who propogate the slave trade that is the NCAA.

Boise State knowingly violated rules.  They knowingly hid the violations.  but they didn't have...

Abortion! Prostitiute!  Death Penalty!  Fake incidents....truth doens't matter. Read his Miami column:




And then read this latest post - Doyel is a disgrace to his profession. 

and for the record, i dont think the death penalty should be applie, atheletes should be able to use their likeness to generate income (like Olympic "amateurs"), and that people like Doyel suck at life.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 11:42 am

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

It's funny how when a big time program does something wrong it is blatant rule-breaking. But when poor little Boise does something it's "bookkeeping errors in terms of housing and transportation for athletes".

Rules are rules and ignorance is no excuse.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 10:55 am

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

I'm surprised the NCAA  didn't take away their bowl wins over the powerhouses they have beaten the past couple of years.  Maybe we need to wait and see if the NCAA takes away the Georgia win as we all know there is no way a college as small as Boise State can beat a highly regarded SEC team without cheating.

This is a joke on the NCAA and further examplifies disbanning the NCAA and starting all over again. 

OBTW, I'm a SEC fan,  I was born and raised in Arkansas and root for the Razorbacks so those who are thinking of bashing, sorry I just burst your bubble.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 12:53 am

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

Hey Chaz,

Want to list the things Doyel is missing in the article?  I mean the football team infractions, since we are here discussing football and not women's tennis...

Doyel actually did read it a bit wrong.  See my post above for an actual quote from the report.  Unlike what all the reporters and bloggers are saying, the NCAA says it is permissable for recruits to get rides and sleep on couches of current players, they just have to ask the players themselves rather than rely on someone to make the arrangements for them....

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 12:44 am

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

To all the haters, here's the beef:  The NCAA says in its report, that it is permissable for prospects to get rides and sleep on couches of current athletes, but its a violation because the school helped arrange the rides and couches, thereby saving the recruit the "time and effort" of asking the players for a ride or a place to sleep themselves!  Read it for yourself:

[NCAA]"It would have been permissible for a prospect to contact a student-athlete on his own initiative and made arrangements to stay with the student-athlete. The concern here is that the coaches’ arrangement of housing with student-athletes enabled prospective student-athletes to save time, effort and perhaps money. Regardless of the valuation, these violations are significant because the provision of the impermissible housing opportunities allowed prospective student-athletes to participate in voluntary workouts; become acclimated to the campus; and engage in practices conducted by football student-athletes, all without having to incur the burden associated with finding independent housing options."

These type of rules are ridiculous, and the application of a penalty on the football program for this violation is absurd.  I'm with the conspiracists who say its to keep the little school down.  Its not like BSU paid $185K for a heisman quality quarterback, and got caught doing it!

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 9:09 pm

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

No Monk, you didn't read it correctly. But of course Doyel is the one with the problem. It is as simple as Doyel stated. Some incoming freshmen slept on the couches of current players so they could participate in summer workouts. They also got rides to said workouts and some food from the current players. The 63 involved includes tennis, track and field and cross country. The major violations were in these sports, not football. The possible ineligible player was a female tennis player. Who can't read and comprehend?

Also, the SI article only included the top 25, and BSU was 4th and had 16 players cited. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. Meaningless and irrelevant to this discussion. Anyone who pays attention to how Coach Pete runs this program has no concerns of BSU being dirty. If the "major" programs weren't worried about BSU stealing some of their attention, would this even be a topic of interest? Nope

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 7:58 pm

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really


Huh.  I hadn't read where OSU actually provided tattoos and now hookers, cars and cash to their players.  That darn NCAA must have really got snukered into not putting ANY of that in their 3 point letter of allegations to OSU.  I must admit, it does look awfully ridiculous that OSU has a compliance department and reports these things to those Overlords up the way, the way you are supposed to.  Kudos to Boise for ignoring the rules, all, what? 63 of them, and not worrying about it.  Heck, they even were kind enought to allow someone to play on a team who wasn't enrolled at the school, if I read it correctly.  Mighty nice of them.  That's the way to do it...

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 7:45 pm

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really

Dude you should read further and analyze the criminal record issue its as simple as this. They're not proud of the convictions but tthe convcitions are  as serious as the NCAA findings. This is a joke, I'm impressed with how the Boise State coaches are accepting this despite the nature of the violations. Most teams would whine and ask for some sort of waiver, but Boise takes it on the chin and goes forward! MAYBE THAT SHOULS BE THE LESSON, accept the punishment and move on! Instead of these other teams with all the resources (USC) who appeal and appeal then stille whine

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 7:41 pm

Boise State guilty of, well, nothing really


Mark Emmert, the filthy SEC crooked bastard, who also happens to run the filthy NCAA, decided to crack his whip after speaking with Auburn, LSU and Alabama.  He didn't get a chance to speak with Florida, who were too busy bailing ANOTHER thug convict out of jail.  His statement should be as follows....."Boise State committed the ultimate sin by allowing a future player to sleep on the couch of another current player.  We cannot have this thuggish behavior happen in the guidelines of NCAA football.  Now, had they paid a player after he sold his scam to other SEC teams(Auburn), graduated more than half their players to the penal system(Florida), set up a payroll for their team(Miami and North Carolina), or provided hookers, cars, cash, and tattoos(THE Ohio State U), there wouldn't be any sanctions."

Funny, Auburn and crooked Scam Newton 'win' the BCS with a payroll which made NFL teams cringe, and ole Marky gets on his knees and provides plenty of lip service.

Now, I realize that Ohio State and Miami won't get much punishment.  They are absolutely NO threat to win a championship.  But once Oregon and Boise start looking like teams who can knock off anyone, the NCAA goes after them with an iron fist.  Crooked f'ers.

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