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Your guide to Thursday's Oddcast

Posted on: June 2, 2011 8:01 pm
Edited on: June 2, 2011 8:02 pm
Welcome to the idiot's guide to The Oddcast Featuring Gregg Doyel and Matt Jones Matt Jones and Gregg Doyel.

Our guest was Brooks, from the fabulous blog SportsByBrooks. Brooks is his first name. What's his last name?

1:15 mark: Brooks unveils his last name

1:35: Matt unveils the topic of "athlete's penises."

1:36: The show continues, but just barely.

7:40: Brooks: "Every day was opposite day. These guys were frauds, Gordon Gee the biggest."

10:50: Matt started his own fabulous blog because, in part, "I hated the local media, and the national media, because I thought they were self-righteous turds that needed to be put in check."

23:25: Brooks explains why "sports journalism doesn't exist."

26:58: Matt: "Who's the next school in college football where the hammer drops?"

27:05: Brooks tells us. And also explains why "Gene Smith is now officially done. He's fired."

37:20: Matt, do you have groupies?

37:21: Matt avoids the question. Repeatedly. Interesting.

40:00: My rant on LeBron, The Decision, celebrities kissing butt, Mike Bibby, IBM and Obama.

41:20: Matt says, "I sense animosity," leading to the final 10 minutes on my favorite topic.

The highlight?

42:30: "Deadspin should love me. It should be called DoyelSpin."

The lowlight?

44:10: "Get off the Internet if you don't understand I'm the guy you've been waiting for. I am Jesus Christ."

46:55: Matt: "You're in many ways not normal."

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