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Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

Posted on: January 2, 2011 11:19 am
Full disclosure: I want to believe in Ohio State. I live in Ohio, my two kids will attend college most likely in Ohio, and my goal is that they attend Ohio State.

So this question is not coming from a Buckeyes basher when I ask the following:

How stupid does Terrelle Pryor think we are?

The memorabilia he sold, against NCAA rules, basically got a free pass from me. Seriously, check out my reaction to the story that Pryor and four teammates would be suspended next season, but be allowed to play Tuesday night in the Sugar Bowl. I loved that reaction from the NCAA. If my reaction was pro-Ohio State, so be it. I'm an Ohio guy, and my initial thoughts were of other Ohio residents.

But this story ...

This car story ...

Complete garbage. Everything about it stinks, from the alleged NCAA crime to the announced excuse. All of it. Garbage.

In a nutshell, Pryor has a habit of getting his hands on cars -- nice cars -- from Columbus-area dealerships, and then getting caught speeding in them. Someone smarter than me, please figure out the odds on that:

Pryor has these cars -- nice cars -- for a day or two, and without fail, he gets caught speeding. In that tiny, day-or-two window of time.

Every time.


I don't believe it. Sorry, I don't. I don't believe Pryor had those cars for only a day or two. I don't believe the car dealer. I don't believe Ohio State. I don't believe any of you.

I still want my kids to go to Ohio State. But at the moment, I want Terrelle Pryor to turn pro after the Sugar Bowl. Don't come back next season. I can live with you avoiding punishment for your memorabilia "ignorance."

But I'm not sure I can stomach the sight of you in an OSU uniform in 2011. That'll be my kids' school, you know. And Terrelle Pryor is starting to make me sick.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 3:04 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

How do you know his GPA and academic record? I'm surprised you would have access to his records. Although I've personally not called Pryor a "thug", I would openly question the merits of your arguement for this student athlete. Rarely do I give kudos to a "student-athlete" for academic performance unless they are hauling in a >3.5 GPA in a meaningful major such as Biochemistry, Engineering, Education, or Science/Math related field.

After performing a search for his major an OSU website lists "exploring"as his major. I would interpret this to mean "Undecided" even as a Junior(?). Any hard working college student/graduate understands you need to declare and move forward by your Junior year. In other words, the guy is likely killing time before the NFL..... I have no doubt this guys is probably pulling a 3.0 in intro level courses or something comparable (yawn). Not to demean the I mean "student athlete", but let's keep the GPA accolades in perspective. As a post-grad doctorate I would prefer to give accolades to the real student athletes at schools like Stanford, Notre Dame, and non-scholarship Ivy League schools.

Since: Apr 29, 2008
Posted on: January 5, 2011 2:42 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

For someone to suggest that Terrelle Pryor is a "thug"is likely a knee-jerk racist reaction.  Pryor had a 3.8 GPA in high school.  Not a 1.8, trying to remain eligible GPA.  A 3.8.  A- average.   At Ohio State he has about a 3.0.  A B average.  Is he a disingenous jackass?  Quite possibly.  Is he a "thug"?  Hasn't been.  Likely won't be.  To call a kid that you don't know a "thug", suggests much more about the name caller than it does about Pryor.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 1:20 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

Degree mill?! Nice try, but leave that joke in the '80s where it was still relevant.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 12:43 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

Wow, did you hone that rapier wit at the degree mill that is Ohio State?  Pathetic.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 12:36 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

Pryor can sell his trophy he won tonight for all I care as long as OSU gets those biv V's!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 12:30 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

They agreed to be suspended the first 5 games of NEXT season.  They supposedly had to agree to come back to OSU for next season to play tonight.  What do you think the odds of TP staying next year are?  Slim to none.  The school can't make them return.  They know this and OSU does too.  OSU sold its soul again for a bowl win.  They basically said go play and win one for the school and when you go pro next year you have the burden of looking bad.  It was a trade off. 

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 12:27 am

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

we think you are stupid where are you from michigan? Oh no nevermind your from planet dumb !!

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:31 pm

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

first article that I agree with. Pryor is a Clarrett in waiting.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:05 pm

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

pryor's a thug plain and simple.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 9:31 pm

Terrelle Pryor thinks you're stupid

Terelle pryor read this article, questioned its merits, respectfully disagreed with doyel, and then let out just the biggest fart in conclusion to this article (and doyel in general)!

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